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Abel Hernandez and Audio Gear in Miami is a Scam

It seems like Abel Hernandez finally hired someone to try to clean up his terrible online image. Maybe if he kept his word and paid his debts, he wouldn’t need to do that, but of course, he is incapable of being an ethical business person. Hopefully, the person he hired this time got paid, unlike the other people Abel “hires” to do his dirty work. He is currently trying to implement black hat tactics to try and trick Google into getting his websites ranked. This is because he can’t get any business on his own. Why else would you attempt to open multiple websites for the same business? It’s because he is trying to scam as many people as he can right here in Miami, Florida. Thankfully, this crook can’t go beyond the city of Miami because he is only a local crook. However, rest assured, no matter where you are, you don’t want to do business with Abel Hernandez in Miami.

He claims that he gets all of his business through word of mouth. If that’s true, then why would he have to hire people to try and manipulate his rank on Google? The “man” is a thief, plain and simple.

Do yourself a favor and never do business with Abel Hernandez, Crestron installer in Miami, FL. All you need to do is look on Google to get proof. Everyone complains about this dead beat’s business. He has no work ethic and if you do decide to hire him, trust me, you’ll regret it.

I’ll be sure to file many more Complaint Reports to go along with all the other negative reviews this crook has accumulated over the years. Anyone with the slightest bit of Internet savvy will know better than to hire this crook.


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Abel Hernandez and Audio Gear is a Scam

I just had a talk with Abel Hernandez of “Audio Gear”. He agreed to pay me for a job were he was attempting to create content for his website. He attempted to use Black Hat SEO against Google. I’m not sure what that website was, but Abel Hernandez decided not to pay for content that was already created. If you are in Miami, or anywhere else, don’t do business with Abel Hernandez. He is a cheat.

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My SEO Philosophy by Carlos David Garcia

Lately, I’ve noticed that more and more businesses (especially those that are new to the Internet) are looking for SEO specialists without fully understanding what Search Engine Optimization is or what it entails. There is no doubt that when it comes to SEO, there are still plenty of “snake oil salesmen” that promise firs-page results on Google, Yahoo and other search engines without giving their clients a full understanding of the methods they plan on implementing to accomplish said results.

This is why I’ve decided to detail my personal SEO philosophy here on Smart Words. My name is Carlos David Garcia and this is a personal blog I keep mostly to express ideas about writing web content, posting press releases and more. I’ve been a writer and SEO specialist for several years now, and my content can be seen on several websites including:

Miami Social Guide
Garcia Hilton
Miami Beach Living
Cancun Soon
Best Cancun Packages
& more.

Granted, achieving 1st page, or even #1 placement on Google for a long-tail keyword like “My SEO Philosophy by Carlos David Garcia” or “Carlos David Garcia’s SEO Philosophy” probably won’t be as difficult as achieving high rankings for other keywords that businesses compete for on a daily business.

However, with a few “tricks” aside, the process for achieving high rankings on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), in my humble opinion, is still the same. A combination of high quality content, useful information, Social Networking and most importantly being consistent in your pursuit of your targeted keywords.

Keys to Quality Content and SEO-Rich Copy that Gets High Rankingss on SERPs:

I suppose opinions differ when it comes to what constitutes “quality” content.My SEO Philosophy is that quality content is, first and foremost, well written. Information which is truly useful to the reader is another key to producing quality content. Obviously, the more information your post/article contains, the longer it will be. It is no coincidence that posts/articles with longer word counts usually rank higher than posts/articles with lower word counts, and ultimately less information.

However, one could argue that several websites rank extremely well in SERPs such as Google without very long posts and not particularly well-written content (take for example). This leads us to my next key to quality content; timely information.

Timely Information

Having timely or breaking news appear on your blog/website before others is more crucial than you may think. Websites like TMZ pride themselves on being the first to break major stories and it’s no surprise why they attract as many unique visitors as they do. Since breaking Michael Jackson’s death, TMZ has been a source for breaking stories for bloggers around the world. Breaking news and timely information should be a part of any successful SEO philosophy.

Consistent Updates

There isn’t a formula as to how consistent you should be updating your website. However, quality as well update frequency, seem to be factors in SERPs. Your website’s subject matter should also come into play with update frequency. One would just assume that a legitimate news site would be updated daily and more frequently than say, a printing press in Austin, Texas.

Totally Original Content

If you didn’t know, TMZ stands for “Thirty Mile Zone.” It represents the 30-mile radius within Hollywood, California. Not that I’m looking to promote the site in any way, but it is a perfect example of a popular site with the kind of resources to produce TOTALLY original content. TMZ pays photographers for exclusive rights to pictures which, in turn, leads to an original story (whatever was going on in the photo with whatever celebrity). These stories are then reposted through RSS feeds and bloggers that credit their sources everyday. This sort of “Link Bait” is what every blog should try to produce. Even if your blog doesn’t have the resources that TMZ does (few do) there are still ways to produce quality/original content that will capture the attention of readers within your niche.

Social Networking

Google, as well as other search engines have recently adopted Social Networking sites as a way to validate the trustworthiness of a link. This makes sense when you think about it. The average person on Facebook is communicating with REAL family and friends. Twitter users may not be communicating with true friends, but at the very least they are trying to communicate interesting information that will entice and attract followers. For these reasons, SERPs are using Social Networks as a guide for quality content more and more.

Linking, Linking, Linking

There are several ways to obtain links and if you’ve shopped around for SEO services, you’ve probably heard of link buying. Buying links is certainly frowned upon by Google and considered to be a “Black Hat” technique when it comes to SEO. The one, failsafe way to get links to your blog is to produce “Link Bait.” Producing quality posts that will have your readers bookmarking your sire and mentioning it through their own mediums is the absolute best way to get the one-way links you’re looking for. Of course, many other techniques are at your disposal as well.

Obviously, there are many more, sometimes subtle, steps that are required to creating SEO-friendly content that is both appealing to the average reader, as well as different SERPs. However, as far as my theories and philosophy on SEO, I feel like this post is a good start. My name is Carlos David Garcia, and you’ll find many more post written by me here on Smart Words. Some are for promotional and testing purposes but I hope to continue to write more meaningful posts (like this) in the future. I also hope to come back and update this particular post as I learn and explore the world of SEO further.

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Icey Mike Imber To Announce New Events

You may know “Icey” Mike Imber best as being the man behind MMA Fighter, Kimbo Slice. In just a short period of time, Mike was able to take Kimbo’s talents from the obscure underground fighting scene to televised matches that have been seen around the world.

Now, Kimbo Slice is a house-hold name and Mike Imber has some new things in store for his MMA Star as well as tons of new events and ventures that will be announced starting next week. Mike is a new sponsor here at Smart Words, so we look forward to working with him.

Like anyone who wants to begin ranking for their own name, Mike wanted to make sure that his name and his online accounts came up on Search Engines. Many people are concerned with their name NOT coming up on Search Engines because they want their privacy. Yet, other persons want their name to rank on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) for marketing purposes. If your name is Jon Smith, it may be almost impossible for someone named “Jon Smith” to rank above other Mr. Smiths of the Internet world.

As far as “Mike Imber” goes, the task is fairly simple. Google and other major search engines list web pages with relevant information and links for the search term. In this sense, “Icey” Mike Imber may be best distinguished because of his nick name. However, what distinguishes “Icey” Mike from other persons named “Mike Imber?”

During one of the latest Google updates, they stated that the new update would, “provide better rankings for high-quality sites—sites with original content and information such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis and so on.” That still doesn’t respond to the question of who would rank among two (or more) people of the same name within the same network (Facebook, MySpace, etc…).

From the Googles Article quoted above, one could come to the conclusion that within one social network, the person who updates their profile and offers the most information about themselves for the public to view is most likely to appear as a search result. However, this doesn’t disregard the effectiveness of Social Networks and Blogging websites that allow you to choose your own URL.

Having your name within the URL of a social network can be a great way to make sure your name shows up on SERPs. That is why Mike Imber has set up several Social network accounts to make sure that if someone searches for his contact information, it is easily found.

Here are a few of the new Social Networks set up by Mike Imber:

Icey Mike Imber on Tumblr

Mike Imber’s Bebo Account

Icey Mike on Zorpia

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Vacation Packages from Cancun Soon

We’d like to thank our newest sponsor,, for giving us the opportunity to prove that with Smart Keywords, you can get your website indexed by all major search engines. Our new sponsors offer some of the best Cancun Vacation Packages on the web. Whether you like fast-paced water activities, laying by the beach or relaxing in a world-class spa, you’re sure to find a vacation package that is right for you on Cancun Soon.

At, you have your choice of some of the best vacation packages available on the web including: a 5-day and 4-night Spa Package, an 8-day and 7-night Extended Package, a Snorkeling Package and one of the best all-inclusive Vacation Packages in Cancun, Mexico.

Whether you want to have an amazing adventure or just a relaxing time on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, Cancun Soon is sure to have a vacation package that is right for you. Packages start as low as $299 per couple for 5 days and 4 nights. Just check out what one visitor had to say about the trip they booked through, “The hotel is beautiful and VERY CLEAN. It has a breathtaking view of the water and is absolutely gorgeous. The food is great and beautiful.” – Melly001. With rave reviews like that, you just can’t go wrong. Check out Cancun Soon today and see all of the amazing vacation packages they have to offer.

Want to see even more deals and vacation packages to Cancun, Mexico, check out Best Cancun Packages today.

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Urban Art and Street Art From Urban Art Monster

Urban Art Monster is a new art website dedicated to street art, Urban Art and all forms of non-conventional main stream art. Although UAM will cover conventional/traditional art from time to time, its focus is on street art and other art forms that may not get the sort of attention it deserves. At Urban Art Monster, you can find videos about urban art, art news and updates on modern artists and art toy producers like Kaws, The Suck Lord, Mad L, Kozik and many more.

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Wu Competition – The Wu-Tang Clan’s Search for the Next Nine

Wu Competition and the search for the “Next 9” is underway.

Leave it to the world’s greatest rap group to come up with an innovative and accessible way to let you display your skills. If you think you have what it takes to become one of The Wu-Tang Clan’s “Next 9”, you can check out all check out all the promos and more at Wu Competition.

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GPNetHelp Helps Online Daters with Comments and Concerns

GPNetHelp is an online resource for internet daters located at Internet fraud is one of the biggest downfalls of online shopping. This is a fact that the people at GPNetHelp understand and work hard to rectify.

If you have any concerns regarding comments or information on GPNetHelp websites, feel free to visit them online at GPNetHelp or drop them a line at 1-877-717-3257.

Or, you can visit them at their new official GPNetHelp Blog.

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Smart Words: Why Choose Smart Words to Produce Your Web Content?


Smart Words has your guide to getting the keywords you want.

If website owners don’t know it by now, they’re having a rude awakening – on the Internet, content is king. And sure, it may seem obvious… nobody would visit a website with nothing on it, right? Wrong. Millions of people visit “stagnant” websites everyday. A stagnant website is one that may have been updated once or twice but is mostly left without much attention from its owner(s).

Websites like these could be ranking for keywords for several reasons including the age of the domain, URL, backlinks and more. That’s exactly why using Smart Words is so important. Actively pursuing your keywords through honest or “white hat” SEO techniques is the only REAL way to rank for the keywords you want.

It is way too much to get into during one article but that is why Smart Word constantly brings you updates on how to improve your Search Engine Optimization.

If you want to be ranking for certain keywords that you think are out of reach, you may be surprised. Why not contact Smart Words and get a free estimate on what it would take to start optimizing your site today?

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Smart Words: Web Content That Produces Traffic


Thanks for visiting Smart Words! In short, (email at, is composed of a small but talented group of writers that specialize in writing online content.

But you may be asking yourself, “Is there a difference between simple article writing and writing for the web?” The short answer is, yes. The long answer may become more technical than the average person would want to know, but assuming that you want your online content (and of course your website) to be found by the online public, it is a subject you may want to become familiar with.

SEO and freshly-written, keyword-friendly articles are essential to the success of any website. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it deals with getting your website listed on Google (or other search engines like Yahoo, MSN, AOL, etc…) above all the other websites. Consistently producing well written, keyword-rich articles has proven to be one of the most effective ways to optimize for search engines.

It is possible to get top front page exposure on search engines for most keywords. The challenge comes in choosing those keywords and writing compelling, grammatically sound, keyword-rich articles. I know, it’s a mouth full, but it is important to note that every element is important.  

In fact, now that the importance of new content and keyword-rich articles has reached most website owners, many have been compelled to outsource articles or SEO work. What they usually get in return is a set of poorly written articles and “Black Hat” SEO techniques that may get listed to begin with, but quickly diminish and may even hurt a website in the end. The truth is, that unless you are truly involved in the process of SEO when the task is outsourced, you really wouldn’t know if anything was done at all.

That’s why optimizing your website by using original, keyword-rich content, is the most effective and recognizable way to get your website listed for the keywords you want. People who own businesses that go online usually want to target certain markets.

Whether it is the owner of a small pet shop in Atlanta or the owner of a strictly online vitamin store, the goal seems pretty simple; target the keywords that pertain to your particular business. However, it is a bit more complex than that. By now, it may be a little difficult (depending on page rank and time on the web) to get your website listed when someone searches Google for the term “vitamins” and truthfully, the term is so targeted by paid ads and others that other variations (such as “vitamins online,” “buying vitamins online,” etc…) may be easier terms to get listed for. The point is, knowing which keywords to target can be just as important writing the content.

For the average small business owner or online distributors, writing for the web can be a difficult and complex task. Getting top rankings for certain keywords on Google, Yahoo, AOL and other search engines is an extremely involved undergoing.

If you need help with your websites SEO, web content, social networking or press releases, contact the staff at Smart Words at

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